Many clients—particularly female clients—have told me they will do almost anything to avoid speaking at  social gatherings, such as weddings, special birthdays, or memorial services, because they fear they will burst into tears during their speeches. Many brides truly wish to express their joy and gratitude at their weddings, but are terrified to do so […]

Let’s get back to basics here for a moment. If you have been chosen to serve as someone’s best man at an upcoming wedding, that’s because someone considers you to be the BEST person for the job.  With honour comes responsibility, folks. Just be thankful we’ve come a ways since the good ol’ days. Back […]

Erin Clements recently published this article in TODAY about what we can learn about giving wedding speeches from Hollywood movies.  Her compendium was too good to pass up, so I’m publishing it here, with a few tips and comments of my own. From the April 27th edition of Today: Anyone who’s had to give a […]