USA Today best-selling author Kasey Michaels recently set me a challenge.   Since I’ve publicly offered to “refresh” novels for authors who have regained their rights to books originally published a couple of decades ago, what, she asked, would I do with Romeo in the Rain? Wait!  Do we need a glossary of terms here? Refresh?  […]

Media Trainer Brad Phillips has produced some great written material about speech presentation.  I am indebted to him for providing this terrific list, with illustrationss, which was offered over three different sessions.  I’ve edited some of his commentary in order to compile his lessons into one digestible article. Thank you, Brad, for sharing this valuable […]

This little piece landed in my inbox not too long ago.  I’d like to credit the author, but unfortunately, it arrived anonymously.  For those who love language, and marvel at the permutations that English has taken on over the centuries, consider the following: This two-letter English word has more meanings than any other, and that  word  is UP.  It […]