This quick analysis, originally published by THEBOSS, gives some very practical pointers for your next presentation! I’m reprinting it below. Thanks to Ian Griffin of Professionally Speaking–– for sharing it! Ever wondered why some TED talk recordings on YouTube gather a respectable few hundred thousand views while other go viral and attract many millions? Is there […]

I recently received a  panicked phone call from a potential client that went something like this: “Hey, I need some help.  The wife of a colleague of mine asked me to delivery a eulogy at his funeral.  But see, I can’t think of anything I can say about this guy that isn’t….well, anything appropriate  for mixed company, […]

Felicity Barber published an article several months ago called “How to Deliver A Pitch-Perfect Presentation.” In it, she detailed the three building blocks she felt were necessary to putting together your pitch:  content, structure and style.  In other words, what are you trying to say, in what order are you saying it, and how are you […]