Here is a re-issue of my most-read post ever on the blog, as promised last week! In my last post, I listed some advice for nervous speakers that I characterized as unhelpful.  Unhelpful, at least, for occasional speakers, those who might be called upon once in a while to get up in public and find […]

This week and next, I am republishing my two most blog posts ever!  It’s a two-parter on help for nervous public speakers.  Part 2 will follow next week, so watch for it if you missed it the first time around! Apparently, the prospect of public speaking ranks right up there, second only to death, on […]

This post, originally published in January,  bears a repeat, particularly at this time of year, so here it is: For many, many people, the prospect of writing a thank-you note is a chore to be approached with dread. Why is this particular form of social grace considered so difficult a job to accomplish? I suspect […]