I couldn’t resist sharing this recent New York Times article by Bruce Feiler. The experiences and challenges of the interviewees so paralleled those of The Write Touch that I could have written it myself! There were, however, a couple of areas in which New York and Toronto seem to distinguish themselves, based on my client […]

A recent post by Brad Phillips on “controlling dominant audience members” recently caught my eye.  Here’s what he said: I recently conducted a presentation training workshop with five trainees. After every point I made, one of the trainees—let’s call him Peter—would interject with a story, question, or opinion. At first, I welcomed his participation—his interjections […]

According to the latest U.S. statistics, June is STILL the most popular month for weddings. It all started with the Romans, who, over two thousand years ago, celebrated on June 1 a festival in honour of Juno, the wife of Jupiter and the goddess of marriage and childbirth.  During the Middle Ages, June was the […]